Oct 29, 2014 | Music

No doubt today finds you busily pouring into the work of your hands – whatever work that may be. Each of us has a special “work” God has called us to, the tasks He has placed before us. And, as is often the case with anything related to work, we can become so consumed with the items on our to-do list, that we forget the “why” behind what we do.

Why do we do what we do ?

The answer to that question is what inspired us to write and record the songs on this new album Your Kingdom Come: To help us all remember the “why” behind the “what”.

I’m convinced that everything that’s gone wrong in this world is directly rooted in this one word: Kingdom. Every decision we make — the values we hold, how we view the world and our place in it, how we treat others, the way we manage our time, money and resources, and the endeavors we pursue — is a direct result of the kingdom to which we belong.

There are two kingdoms to choose from: one’s own kingdom or The Kingdom of God.

If we choose to spend our lives building and growing our own little kingdoms – trying to build our own agendas and plans – we will discover no greater frustration, futility and ultimate emptiness. But when we choose to spend our lives building and growing the Kingdom of God – the only Kingdom that will stand when all is said and done – we will discover no greater joy, fulfillment, and ultimate satisfaction.

Every song on this New Album tells One Story about One Kingdom. Our prayer is that these songs will spark courage in your hearts and inspire you to seek first the Kingdom of God above all else. For it is this one decision that shapes the whole of our lives.

Check out the Videos Page to watch tons of new videos & resources highlighting the new songs!

– Shelly


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